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Task: This article will cover the Frequently Asked Questions with syncing your Outlook calendar with Navigate.



How do I sync my Outlook with Navigate?

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What email applications does this support?

Though Navigate can technically sync with Outlook, Outlook on the Web and Google, currently UNH ONLY supports syncing with Outlook

When should I sync my calendar?

As soon as possible to ensure you limit the opportunity for being double booked.

What is Free/Busy?

Only appointments in Outlook marked as "Busy" will sync to EAB.  These are events that have synced from your professional calendar into the Navigate platform. They will display in your Navigate calendar as either free or busy times.

Courses that I teach or are enrolled in automatically appear on my calendar, where does this information come from?

Course schedules for both faculty and students are fed in automatically from Banner at the beginning of each term. If classes are dropped, once Banner is updated the student will see this reflected automatically in their Navigate calendar.

How many calendars can I sync with Navigate?

You can only choose one calendar to sync with Navigate. If you are trying to sync multiple calendars with Navigate, there will be errors, and it will not be successful.

Why won't certain events sync on my calendar?

There are several reasons why events do not sync on your Navigate calendar. First, a recurring event with no end-date will not sync in Navigate. Recurring events with more than 200 instances also will not sync.

What do 'Tentative' appointments on my calendar sync as on Navigate?

Tentative, busy, and away appointments all sync as 'Busy' on your Navigate calendar.

How frequently is my calendar synced with Navigate?

Appointments should be synced to and from the Navigate calendar within seconds. If you are noticing a lag in appointment syncing, contact your Application Administrator to help you troubleshoot.

Why can't I cancel my appointment in Navigate?

The appointment was probably created in your professional calendar. You need to edit your appointment in your professional calendar application, not in Navigate.

Why can't I cancel my appointment in my professional calendar?

The appointment was probably created in Navigate. If an appointment is created in Navigate, you must cancel it in Navigate.

What happens if I change my name or my email at my institution?

You will need to have your account reset. The information will need to be put into user settings before syncing the updated calendar. Talk to your institution's Application Administrator if this is your situation.

Does the Navigate calendar read or display details of my personal or professional appointments?

No. The Navigate calendar does not see details of your personal or professional appointments. It only pulls in your appointments to list time as Free/Bus to prevent scheduling appointments conflicts.

What information can be synced to my professional calendar from Navigate?

Navigate appointments synced to your professional calendar should display the type of appointment, time, and location by default. Your institution may decide to sync additional information, including student ID (in both the body and title), student name (in both the body and title), and student phone number.

Is it possible to include student email address in the synced appointment within my professional calendar?

No, it is not possible to include student emails. The only information that can sync to your professional calendar are those listed in the answer to the question above -- type of appointment, time, location, student ID, student name, and student phone number.

Why is my all-day event in my professional calendar not blocking off time on my Navigate calendar?

Most all-day events default to "free" in calendars. You will need to mark those busy to avoid having those days appear available to appointments in Navigate. In the opposite case, all-day free appointments with no end day might sync as busy -- should that occur, include an end date in your appointments for them to sync as free time in your Navigate platform.

What should I do if there are errors with my calendar sync integration?

If your calendar sync is experiencing issues, please contact your Application Administrator, who can troubleshoot with you

Every time I create a Summary Report for a student, it automatically creates an appointment on my professional calendar. Is there a way to turn that off?

No, there is no way to change this behavior. When you create an ad-hoc summary report, the Navigate platform is automatically creating an appointment in the past based on the information you include in that summary report. The past appointment will then sync to your professional calendar. This process ensures the appointment data is accurate, even if you did not use the scheduling workflows to create that appointment.


Users should be able to sync their Outlook calendar with Navigate.

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