EAB: Navigate - An Overview


This article contains a brief overview of Navigate with links to important articles for help with the application.


Navigate is currently being utilized as a resource for academic advising and tutoring. It allows for students to make appointments with advisors whether they are assigned to the particular faculty/staff member or not. Advisors are also able to record notes within the application that are visible to other advisors, creating a more collaborative and efficient advising experience.

Getting started

Initial access is granted to Faculty and Staff who have academic advising responsibilities for undergraduate students. If you are unable to log in to Navigate and need access please request an account through the accounts management system.  EAB: Navigate - Requesting an account

Once your account has been approved you will use your school username and password for access 

Currently, this application is being used for academic advising. In the future it will also be used to evaluate success markers to aid in retention practices.

Proper setup and most used features

EAB: Navigate - Step by Step Getting Started with Navigate as a Faculty Advisor

Students tab

When you first log in you will see a list of your assigned students. Depending on your role, you will be able to see your list of assigned advisees. This list is fed from Banner and will change each semester. Users of the system can search for any student but will also be limited by role. Any person who is designated an advisor can view and add notes to any student, not just their assigned students. To search for a student use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of page. See EAB (Navigate) - Quick search

For more information on the students tab please see EAB (Navigate) - My Assigned Students

Setting availability

One of the main features of this application is the ability for students to set appointments with you. In order for the student to see your availability you must set your availability in the application.

For help with this please see EAB (Navigate) - Setting availability

Syncing Outlook Calendar

This application has the ability to sync events with your Outlook calendar. This will allow automatic management of calendar events from Navigate to your calendar and from your calendar to the Navigate. This feature makes it very easy to manage your advising times and will prevent you from having to update your advising availability in the event you have to change your calendar. These changes are immediate.

For FAQ Please see EAB (Navigate) - Outlook Sync FAQ

For help syncing your outlook calendar please see EAB (Navigate) - Syncing Outlook calendar

Creating Appointment Details

Appointment details are part of the students academic record and visible to any advisor as well as the designated student.

For help creating appointment details please see EAB (Navigate) - Adding Details

Appointment campaigns

Campaigns allow for greater manageability of student appointments. An example of an event that would utilize this feature is registration. Campaigns give you the ability to create advising windows (please schedule an appointment between date X and date Y) that contain certain criteria and provides a scheduling link to all students within the campaign. This makes it easier for your advisees to schedule time with you during the campaign window.

For help setting up campaigns please see EAB (Navigate) - Creating appointment campaigns


Need additional help?

Please fill out the EAB (Navigate) web form with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional Training please visit the AT Docs & Training site


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