Teams: Creating a Team from an existing Team


This article goes over how to create a new team on Microsoft Teams from an already existing team using various templates.


  1. Select the Teams tab on the left side of the app
  2. Click Join or create teams at the bottom of your teams list
  3. Press Create a team
  4. Click Create a team using an existing team as a template
  5. Choose the team you want to copy and then click Choose team.

Choose Team Button

  1. Use the checkboxes to pick which parts of the team you want to copy: channels, tabs, settings, apps, and even members
  2. You can rename the team, update the description, change it from private to public, and change the data classification
  3. When you're done, click Create

Create button with details

  1. Once the team is created, add people to it in the dialog box that appears

Note: If you want, you can add multiple people by typing the name of a contact group (formerly known as a "distribution list"), security group, or Office 365 group

More information available at Microsoft -- Create a team from an existing team

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