Kaltura: Cannot Access Because Cookies are Blocked

Task: This article provides a solution to not being able to access Kaltura because cookies are being blocked.



When trying to access Kaltura using Safari on Canvas or MediaSpace, an error is displayed: "It seems your browser is blocking 3rd party session cookies which are required for the Kaltura application."

Safari Error


Safari has a privacy setting enabled that prevents tracking between websites. This is preventing Kaltura from being able to display your media. More information about this setting and what it does can be found here: https://support.apple.com/guide/safari/prevent-websites-from-tracking-you-sfri40732/12.0/mac/10.14

Use another Browser (recommended):

If you do not wish to change your privacy settings on Safari, use either Firefox or Chrome to access Kaltura instead.

To disable the privacy setting (if using Safari):

(UPDATE- 1/13/2020)- More recent security changes to Safari have caused an issue where the step below of unchecking the "Prevent cross-site tracking" box no longer works. If this happens to you, toggle “Prevent cross-site tracking” on, reload the page, toggle it off, and reload again.  If it still does not solve the issue, please use a different Internet browser.

  1. Go to the "Safari" menu in the toolbar
  2. Select "Preferences"
  3. Navigate to the "Privacy" tab
  4. Uncheck the setting labelled: "Prevent cross-site tracking"
  5. Close the preferences window and refresh the page. Kaltura will now display correctly.


Users will know how to access Kaltura if cookies are blocked.  

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