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Want to set Tasks as favorites?  Want to group like Tasks together?  Looking for the ability to add your own personal bookmarks to the page so that all your favorite bookmarks are together in one place whether they are your school or not? 

Set your personal Portal page as your home page and navigate anywhere you need from one place.  This article will walk users through the process to personalize/customize their portal page so it works best for them to organize and find bookmarks/tasks. 


The myUNH portal allows users to personalize/customize their own portal page with Campus, Task Centers and Bookmarks.  


Setting a Default Campus:

Once the user has logged into the portal they will be able to define a default campus.  They system will then display tasks specific to that campus first.

  1. Using the drop-down arrow next to the user's name in the upper right, click and open the menu
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Under Default Campus select the campus you would like the system to default to when you log in. 
  4. Click, Save


Setting Tasks as Favorites

Once a user has logged into the portal the user can set specific tasks as favorites allowing the user to then group all their tasks marked as Favorite for easy access to just those tasks.

  1. Once Logged into the portal
  2. Click the Heart shaped icon in the lower right of each Task, the heart should fill red
  3. This will add the task to your favorites


Creating Personal Bookmarks

  1. Once logged into the portal My Favorites should be the first header
  2. Click the gear icon next to the header "My Favorites"
  3. This will bring the user to the "Edit My Favorites" page. 
  4. From here, the user can choose to create a new bookmark using the "New Bookmark" icon or they can create a "New Collection" using the corresponding icon.
  5. A "New Bookmark" will allow the user to enter in a name of the bookmark within the "Bookmark title" field.  The user can name the bookmark anything they choose.
    1. Example :  Bookmark Title:  Google Search   with a bookmark URL of
  6. A "New Collection" will allow the user to create a Group of bookmarks.  This would allow the user to group bookmarks together. 
    1. Example: the user could include all search engines together, all Email bookmarks together and so on.

NOTE:   Users should not need to create bookmarks for UNH Resources, all of those have been created and are native to the system currently.  Though the user can add an existing UNH resource bookmark to a Collection (see below)


Grouping Like Tasks into a Task Center

  1. Click on the Collections name, this will unfold the collection and will display a gray area just below the collection.
  2. Once the Collection is open , simply drag and drop the required bookmarks to the gray area under the collection and click Save
  3. The user will now see their bookmarks and/or collections under My Favorites .
  4. To access a bookmark, simply click on the bookmark or click on the collection then the respective bookmark desired.


Arranging Tasks

  1. Once the user has created Favorites or added tasks to a Collection they can then re-arrange the tasks as they require
  2. Whether in Favorites or a Collection, simply drag and drop the bookmark to the arrangement you require.  They system will automatically adjust the other bookmarks accordingly.


Need additional help?

Contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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