Open another mailbox in Outlook on the Web

If you have Full Access to another mailbox (such as a Shared Mailbox) and need to be logged in as that mailbox, you can use the "Open another mailbox" feature of Outlook on the Web to do so. From here, you can check email and set Out of Office auto-replies and set up rules for the mailbox.

  • Log in to your mailbox via Outlook on the Web (Exchange Online).

  • Click your picture/icon in the top right hand side of the screen

  • Choose "Open another mailbox "

Open another mailbox...

  • At the "Open another mailbox" prompt, specify the mailbox you wish to open.  If you cannot find the mailbox, it may not exist as a mailbox or may be hidden in the Address List.

  • Click "Open." 

  • The mailbox will open in another tab. You may be prompted to click a link and authenticate.

Link to open mailbox


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