WebI: Scheduled Report Fails with a 'processDPCommandsEX' API error (ERR_WIS_30270)

My scheduled report failed to run. I received the message, "An internal error occurred while calling 'processDPCommandsEX' API. (Error: ERR_WIS_30270)."

Scheduled WebI reports, starting in 4.2 SP6 Patch 200.

Cause and Resolution:
There are two known reasons for this error:

Cause #1) Prompts that use the same prompt text but the prompt properties are set-up inconsistently.

Resolution #1) For each prompt that shares prompt text, click on the Prompt Properties icon.

Example of Issue 1
Make sure that the optional/required check box, the default values, and all other prompt properties are consistent for all prompts that share the prompt text.

Cause #2) In WebIntelligence (WebI), data providers (queries) are processed sequentially, from left to right.When a report has more than one data provider, and one of the data providers relies upon the other for a prompt value, then the order of the data providers becomes important. The data provider sending the prompt information must be to the left of the data provider receiving the prompt information. If the order is backwards, and the report is scheduled, the scheduled report will fail.

Resolution #2) Move the data provider with the prompt value being sent to the left of any queries receiving the prompt values. Run the report and save it. You should now be able to schedule your report

*Need Help?*
The "ERR_WIS_30270" error is common. If neither solution provided here helps, please report the error to the Center for DATA WebI Support team at https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=142 or by calling the IT Service Desk at 862-4242.


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