WebI: Advance Techniques for Breaks (Value-Based Breaks)

Task: Grouping data and showing subtotals for selected dimension values that are grouped in WebI.

Value Based Breaks is a new feature introduced for report creators in version 4.2 SP6. This feature allows a user to group data displayed on a table by the preferred dimension(s) and select the values of the dimension(s) to subtotal.

For example, let us consider a report that displays Campus, Subcampus, and Period-To-Date (PTD) Amount. On this report, the user wants only the UNH campuses to be grouped and subtotaled. The remaining campuses will not be subtotaled. We would apply a Value Based Break as follows:

  1. Apply a break on the Campus dimension (right-click on the Campus column, choose Break, choose Add Break). You will see that the data is grouped by Campus and each Campus has a Subtotal line.Break by Campus Displayed

  2. To change how subtotals are applied to each group, right-click on the Campus column, choose Break, choose Manage Breaks.

  3. In the Manage Breaks Window, Check the box next to "Value Based Break". Click on the activated "Values" button.

  4. In the "Select Values" box, choose the values to Subtotal. Click "OK" on this window.

  5. Click "OK" on the "Manage Breaks" window.Manage Breaks Dialog Box displayed

  6. Now you will see that there is a subtotal line only for Campus Code 1. All other Campuses are listed. without subtotals.

    Value-based breaks applied to campus displayed

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