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Task: This article will cover Frequently Asked Questions and some troubleshooting tips that when a student is unable to make an appointment with their advisor through the Navigate software.


Student Unable to Make an Appointment:

  • When a student contacts their advisor stating they are unable to make an appointment using the Navigate application there are several items an Advisor can check to ensure items are set up correctly.  Many of these items correspond to the options selected when the advisor set up their availability.  There are other options outside of availability that may contribute to a student not being able to make an appointment as well.  All items will be covered in detail below.

When are students removed from the application?

  • Students remain in the application up to one year after they graduate.  Those students will be designated with a (No Role) next to their name

When are graduate students added to the system?

  • Once students are confirmed a graduate student and have graduated from undergrad studies the system will then add them as a graduate student.  They can not be added before they graduate as the system will replace their undergrad advisor with their graduate advisor. 

Availability Set-up:

  1. Ensure your availability days and dates are correct and the student is not looking outside of those dates
  2. Check to make sure your Availability Type is correct.  i.e. Appointments, Drop-ins, Campaigns.  
    1. Appointments would be used by Advisors who want to set up availability for their assigned advisees to allow appointments to be made
    2. Drop-in is used by Advising Centers on Campus that have multiple staff and allow for students to simply "stop by" for the next available advisor. Faculty Advisors can also use this option for "office hours" where any student may be able to stop in during a specified time frame. 
    3. Campaign is used by advisors that want advisees to make an appointment between Dates X & Y.
  3. Verify that you have selected the correct Care Unit. 
    1. College or Major Specific Advising Care Unit is used for each Major College and School that a student would be enrolled.  i.e. COLA, COLSA, CHHS, CEPS, etc
    2. Other Support or Advising Care Unit is used for other areas of support that fall outside of the major Colleges or Schools.  i.e. Honors, Military/Veterans, Athletics, Study Abroad, etc
  4. Look at the location your availability is set up.  The location directly affects the services available which could lead to your student not seeing their advisor for the location they are looking at.
  5. Ensure your availability Service matches the students options.   When selecting your services such as "Meet with my Advisor" or "Meet with Another Advisor". 
    1. Meet with my Advisor - allows your assigned students to schedule an appointment with you
    2. Meeting with Another Advisor - allows students outside your assigned advisees to make an appointment with you, essentially the entire student body.
  6. Check to see if you have Appointment Availability overlapping with Campaign Availability.  When this happens, advisees from one or the other type can take appointment slots away from the other.  Best Practice for Campaigns is not to overlap availability types.

Other Factors:

  1. 'Busy' shows on your calendar:  Verify that there are no other meetings scheduled during time you have availability set.  If you have sync'd your Outlook calendar with Navigate did you create or accept a meeting request in Outlook during time you had set as being available for appointments within Navigate?  In these cases when Outlook sync's to Navigate those times where an Outlook meeting was scheduled will show as not available for students to schedule an appointment even though you may have availability set up.  The system prevents you from being double booked and will show this time as Not Available.
  2. Faculty Advisor Schedule to be Teaching:  Banner feeds Navigate with Faculty schedules.  In the event that you are an instructor of record for a course, (this includes labs and or clinical) the system will see you as unavailable.  If there is a lab associated to your course but a TA will be overseeing that for you, the system will still have you as the instructor of record.  Some courses require a clinical aspect and may have you scheduled to be at a location all day for those sessions.  Thus showing you as unavailable.  If this situation occurs it requires a manual override of the system that has to be completed by our admins.  Please fill out a webform and we will help address it. EAB (Navigate) web form
  3. Student Scheduled Class Time: Is the advisee attempting to schedule an appointment during time they are scheduled to be in Class?  The system by default prevents advisees from scheduling appointments with advisors during time they should be in class.
  4. System Configuration:  There may be Location/Service specific constraints set up in in the system.  By default most appointments are available for scheduling within 12 hours or more than 14 days in advance.  Some locations have different constraints but those mentioned prior are standard defaults in the system.
  5. Term Calendar:  If your school is near the end of a term and the start of another and the appointment attempting to be scheduled falls in the next term, use the Term menu in the upper right of the page to select the term to which the appointment is attempting to be made.  Example:  if your school is in J-Term and the student is attempting to make an appointment with an advisor on a date that falls withing Spring term, the advisor may not show up to the student based on the availability settings.  If the Student toggles the upper right term menu to Spring they should then see the advisor.  Alternately, if the advisor toggles the Term menu in the upper right to Spring before they set their availability the system will provide them the option to set availability for Spring, thus the student will be able to see them in the options when attempting to schedule an appointment.


  1. Can I set up more than one campaign at the same time?
    1. Yes, each advisor can run as many campaigns as they require at the same time.  Once the availability is set for campaigns the user can simply link that to each campaign.  If the user chooses each Service Type can match the campaign.  I.E. Campaign 1, Campaign 2 etc.
  2. Can I share the campaign with others?
    1. Yes, as long as each user has matching availability each of them will show in the organizers list.  The advisee will have a choice when making an appointment on who they choose to meet with.  If the users availability differ the system will show only availability for the user who has availability at that time. 


  1. When an appointment is made the student and advisor both receive a notification at the time the appointment is confirmed.  The system send another reminder 24 hours in advance of the appointment.  If the advisee makes an appointment for the same day, they will only receive the appointment confirmation and will not receive a reminder for the day's scheduled appointment.

Calendar Sync with Outlook:

EAB (Navigate) - Calendar Sync FAQ

  1. If you have configured your system to sync with Outlook there is no need to block time in Outlook for your availability.  Leave Outlook as is, and as appointments are made in Navigate during your availability, the system will sync that appointment duration over to Outlook and block that time for you.  If you block your available time in Outlook the system will see this as not available and sync it to Navigate and prevent others from being able to book that time for an appointment.
  2. ONLY times blocks marked as Busy will sync to Navigate.  If you were to right click on a meeting in Outlook and choose "Show As" Free that time will not sync to Outlook.  Only those times as busy will sync.

Differences Between EAB (Navigate) & Degree Works


Users will gain knowledge of frequently asked questions and some troubleshooting tips regarding when a student is unable to make an appointment with their advisor through the Navigate software.

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