Banner 9: Quick Tips and FAQ

Banner 9 Quick Tips

These address the most common issues that have been reported. Please be sure you are following these tips & tricks to have the best experience.

  1. Make sure you are not using a bookmark to get to Banner 9. Be sure to use an official link: the USNH Gateway page -- or the UNH Portal
  2. After using a Page, close it
  3. Do not use your browser’s Forward and Back buttons to get around
  4. In Banner 8, Ctrl-PageDown and Ctrl-PageUp were used to move between sections. In Banner 9, they have been replaced by Alt-PageDown and Alt-PageUp.
  5. Always sign out of Banner when you’re done, prior to closing your browser. Use the lock icon on the left of your session.
  6. Banner 9 is a browser-based application. As such, sometimes things can happen with the browser itself. If you’ve followed tips 1-4 and are still having issues, you may need to sign out of Banner 9, clear the cache , and close the browser.
  7. We are continuing to work to improve performance. If you are a fast typist, Banner may not be able to keep up with your keystrokes; if you experience that issue, you may just need to type a bit more slowly. Performance with searches and filtering is greatly improved if you use the conditions "Equals" or "Starts With". **

Banner 9 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. When will the Banner 9 production environment be open to everyone?

Banner 9 Student is available to everyone now and has been since August 6th.

Banner 9 FIN-HR will be opened for all users on October 23rd.

Q2. When is Banner 8 going away?

At the close of business on Wednesday, October 31.

Q3. What browsers work with Banner 9?

Any modern browsers—this includes Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Chrome is the recommended browser. Internet Explorer does work but may be slower and have more errors.

Note for Xtender users: Xtender users who need to scan, annotate, or print documents will need to continue using Internet Explorer. If this causes significant difficulty for your office, please contact the Document Management Group to discuss possible options. **

Q4. Is Banner 9 Mac compatible?


Q5. How do I get to Banner 9?

The link is available on the USNH Gateway page -- and it is also available at . DO NOT bookmark the link or you will get errors.

Q6. What is my Banner 9 password?

Your Banner 9 password is the same as your USNH/WISE password. This may be different than your Banner 8 password.

Q7. How do I change my Banner 9 password?

Your Banner 9 password is the same as your USNH/WISE password. You no longer need to update your Banner 9 password separately.

Q8. Do you need to be logged into the VPN to use Banner 9?


Q9. Will the functionality in Banner 9 be the same as in Banner 8?


Q10. Will all the forms that I use in Banner 8 still be in Banner 9?


Q11. How do I get to the additional information on the form, from the ID field at the top?

In Banner 8, you could use Ctrl-PgDn or Block->Next to get the person’s information. In Banner 9, you can use Alt-PgDn or the green "Go" button.

Q12. What do I do if I get a "Message from Banner Document Management "?

If you don’t know what Banner Document Management is and you get the message "Message from Document Management Banner Document Management is installed at your site, but you are not set up as a user in that system. Please contact your Administrator for information." you have probably clicked one of the Xtender icons instead of using the "Go" button or Alt-PgDn.

These two icons (Add Documents and Retrieve Documents) are only used to access Xtender documents. If you don’t know what that is, you can feel free to ignore them.

Sometimes the Go button may be hidden by the message center. These are the same messages that used to appear in the bottom message bar in Banner 8. To hide the message, if there is a button on the message, click it. Otherwise, click on the yellow block with the number in it.

Q13. What do I do if I get an "invalid username/password; logon denied" message?

This error happens when you use a bookmark, which is not recommended. To avoid this error, use one of the official links: USNH Gateway page -- or the UNH Portal . If you get this message, click "OK". You will then get a message "Return to Home page", click "RETURN HOME" and you will back at the Landing Page.

Q14. What do I do if I get an "Invalid username or Password" message when logging in?

This error happens when you login with the wrong password or username. Banner 9 uses the USNH/WISE login. It is no longer a separate password. Please contact the Service Desk if you need password help.

Q15. What do I do if I see "Workspace Services"?

If you were not prompted to login and you get the "Workspace Services" message, then just click the Home icon on the left. That will bring you back to the Banner 9 landing page. This is most often seen in Internet Explorer.

Q16. Why does an ID that I worked on earlier today keep popping up? Or, how do I ensure that when I move from form to form the ID I am working with remains unchanged?

The best way to ensure you are working with the correct ID is to close out of a form before bringing up a new form. This issue commonly happens when users move from form to form using the "Recently Opened" links, the "Applications" menu, or the left-menu Search, without closing out of their current form.

One way to describe what is happening is to imagine several pieces of paper stacked one on top of each other on your desk. Each piece of paper contains information about a different person. When you continue to open forms in Banner without closing the previous form, you are stacking forms on top of each other -- just like the stack of paper on your desk. Closing a form is like removing it from the stack of papers. If you have an open form, that will become the person you are now working with, even if you haven’t used that form in hours or don’t even notice the form.

Q17. Can you still search on name?

Yes. However, we recommend that you use the comparison operator of "Equals" or "Starts With" to make the search faster.

Q18. Can you create a favorites list/menu?

Use My Banner. If you had My Banner setup in Banner 8, it will still be available in Banner 9. You can find it in the left-side menu, under "Applications". It is still called My Banner. It will not appear under "Applications" unless you have set it up.

Q19. How do you do an insert?

Any table that allows an insert will have the + Insert button at the top right. Click the button to insert a row.

Q20. How do you do a delete or "Record Remove"?

Any table that allows an insert will have the - Delete button at the top right. Click the button to delete a row.

Q21. How do I print in Banner 9?

Go to Tools -> Print Screenshot or type Ctrl-Alt-p. It behaves more like a screen capture than a regular print page. It only captures the width you are able to see in your browser window. If there are fields on the far right you want printed, you will need to scroll so they are in view or resize the columns before them. However, it will print all of the rows that are currently displayed on the page. It attempts to print it all on one page, so if you have 50 rows, the font will be tiny.

Print Screenshot works best in Chrome, where it will display a print preview that will show you what will be printed. If you have many rows, it may break into three pages, with the data all on the 2nd page. You can use the "Pages" radio button in the Print box on the left to only print Page 2. In Firefox, there is no print preview and if you have more than 10 rows, it may take 15-60 seconds to load the Print dialog window.

Q22. Can you have multiple Banner 9 sessions open at the same time?


Q23. What are the shortcut keys?

Please refer to the Banner Keyboard shortcuts document, which can be accessed using the following url:

Q24. How can I see the bottom row in the popup list? **

When choosing from a popup list for a field, the bottom row may be hidden by a bottom scrollbar. This happens when either the browser window has been zoomed in or out, or when the monitor’s display has been scaled to something besides 100%.

The workaround is to zoom the browser until the hidden row can be seen. If the monitor’s display setting is the issue, that may need to be changed as well. Another possible workaround is to change the pagination on the popup list to a smaller number of rows per page. This will remove the bottom scrollbar on some popup lists.

Q25. What do you do if you get the message "ERROR You are running with a query only role this function is not allowed"? **

This is a known vendor issue for Banner 9. If you navigate to an update form from a query-only form, then you are in query mode and will not be able to make updates.

The workaround is to close forms which are read-only prior to navigating to the update form.

** Items marked with two stars are items that UNH IT or the vendor are researching.

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