EAB Navigate - Using the History Tab to Access Student Reports & Notes

Task: This article will cover using the History Tab to access past notes and report details for a student in Navigate.


To access past information and notes from previous advising appointments, the user must access the student record within Navigate.  The user can do so by either selecting the student from their list of students (if the student is assigned to this adviser) or by using the Quick Search in the upper right found under the magnifying glass icon. By default all advisors can see appointment summary notes and are available to only that specific student.

History Tab

All content on a student is displayed in one area, listed in order of entry from newest to oldest. Users can scroll through and see all content types, author, and dates of entry in one area. An example of the display is below.


At a quick glance, time, location and comments will display by clicking the triangle next to the content type. The 'View Details' option will allow users to expand the details of the specific entry.

User can select the ‘expand all’ to view time, location, comments for all entries as well as selecting the triangle adjacent to the individual entry.

History Viewing Options

User can select the triangle next to History and select any specific content area to display, which will allow the user to view the full details of the content by hovering over the information.

Notes: This area contains notes users have entered about the student that are typically not academic in nature.  This should be "nice to know" information. 

  • Notes are listed from most recent to oldest.
  • NOTE: Any record created by Legacy Advisor, tells us that these notes were imported from the previous system and the user that created them does not have a Navigate account.

Cases: cases are not currently be used within the application.

Alerts: alerts are generated on the student based on Progress Reports.  If the student is flagged for one reason or another from a Progress Report, an alert is generated and is associated with the student.

Progress Reports: Progress Reports/Early Assessments are sent out to faculty around week 5 of the semester for specific courses mainly gateway courses that will allow faculty to flag any student at risk for a number of reasons.  Students that were included in a Progress Report that report would will be present.

Appointment Summaries: This area will contain any summaries/reports that have been created by a advisor regarding an academic conversation with that student. Notes are listed from most recent to oldest.

Visits to Support Centers: This is not currently being used by UNH.

Text Box Search

Users can use the text box to filter on multiple options to display, which will allow quick view of multiple contents types. This is done by clicking in the 'Filter by Type' field and selecting the content type option(s). You can then expand the type to see more information.


Users can expect knowledge of using the History Tab to access past notes and report details for a student in Navigate.

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