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This article will walk you through the process of favoriting scholarship activities so that they will show on the faculty profile on the respective college or school website.  It is recommended that faculty choose 10 scholarly works to display.

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College and school websites can be fed information from Faculty publications that they have chosen as a Favorite.

If no Favorites exist:

By Default if no Favorites have been marked, the 5 most recent and next 5 most cited publications will continue to display.  Faculty can change that selection and may favorite up to 10 scholarship activities in myElements and the site will list only those favorited. Please allow up to 3 days after making a selection to see the changes on the profile. All scholarship will continue to display on the faculty profile at and the link to that full profile is included on the college or school site.

Only the following types of scholarship will be shown on profile web pages:

  • Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits
  • Book
  • Brief
  • Chapter
  • Conference Proceedings and Presentations (Categorized as Selected Conference Proceedings)
  • Creative work
  • Journal Article
  • Legal Publications


To review your favorite scholarship

1.  Log in to myElements at

        2.  Click on ‘Edit your profile’ in the upper left of the Home tab  

3.  Scroll down and click on the Publications header

4.  Click on Favourites


To change your favorite scholarship

1.  Login to myElements at

2.  Click on the Publications header area to get your publications list


3.  Use the heart icon in the action menu for each activity to toggle the favorite on or off. Scholarship with a heart next to the title (shown below) are a favorite


Need additional help?

Please fill out this myElements webform with as much detail as possible or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional training, see the Teaching and Learning Technologies training calendar


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