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This article provides information on your myElements profile. How to access and update.

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Your Profile

Your myElements profile is a space within the application that allows you to update your personal information such as overview, research interests, certifications etc. This is also an area to check for accuracy of other information.

NOTE: Your name, title, affiliations, and education information is fed by Banner HR. Although myElements allows you to view this information for accuracy, you are not able to update these fields within the application. This information will have to be updated by Human Resources

Accessing your profile

  1. log in at

  2. Click on Edit your profile.

myElements Edit profile

     3. Entries that contain a (+) or a pencil can be updated using myElements

Understanding your profile

The myElements profile serves several functions. It is a central location to check for accuracy of information fed from other places such as Banner HR and Banner Student. Information in the profile will be used to create your Faculty Activity Report. Some of the profile information will also be used to populate the faculty page on the UNH dept websites and findscholars.

NOTE: Information added and updated in your profile will not immediately show on the websites. Please allow 48 hours for processing.

See Faculty Profile Information for information on the Dept Website Profiles

Updating Profile Items

  • Photo- This will be displayed on FindScholars.See Uploading a photo
  • Primary role/affiliation - (Displayed directly under your name) Fed from Banner. If this information is incorrect please contact HR for update. This information will display on UNH dept websites and findscholars
  • Email address- university email address auto fed. If this information is wrong fill out the myElements webform . Additional email addresses can be added manually
  • Phone number- this is for additional #'s other than university phone number (Main number is fed from Banner and can be updated by contacting HR)
  • Overview- considered your bio or about section and will display on the UNH dept websites. See Adding an Overview/bio
  • Research interests- Displayed on UNH Dept Websites and FindScholars See Adding research interests . Alternatively you can add teaching interests See Adding teaching interests
  • Academic appointments- considered additional titles other than your primary role. See Adding additional titles
  • Education- will display on UNH Dept websites and FindScholars. Fed by Banner HR. Any edits will need to be done by HR using the Degree Information form
  • Mailing Addresses- Manual entry of addresses that you wish to add to the UNH Dept website other than your main address published in the UNH directory
  • Web addresses and social media- Will display on UNH dept websites- See Adding web addresses and social media


Need additional help?

Please fill out the myElements webform with as much detail as possible or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional training see Academic Technology training calendar


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