Updating Box Collaborators

Invite and Manage Box Collaborators 
Change Folder Owner
Remove Access
Remove Collaborator from all Folders
Request Access or Ownership

Remove Access

When an employee leaves the University or changes departments, it is recommended that access to Box collaboration folders be removed. To remove their access, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the folder or sub folder you want to remove a collaborator from within Box.

  2. Select the 3 dots icon to change collaborator permissions and choose Remove from the menu.

Remove Collaborator from all Folders that you own

  1. Open your profile icon in the top right and choose Collaborators.

  2. To remove a collaborator from all folders that you own, click on the Remove button to the right of the desired person.

Note: For collaborators that are in folders you are not owner you will get a message when trying to remove that "You can only remove collaborators from folders that you own" and you will not be able to remove them.

Request Access or Ownership

At this time when you leave UNH your Box Account Shared content remains usable by collaborators but may become inaccessible in the future. You will no longer have access to your UNH Box Account. Any requests for ownership changes after a user leaves the University must go through the accounts management system, and approval must be granted by an AVP or VP of the department the former employee worked for.

For more information, please see Box - Leaving UNH or Changing Departments

Note: Faculty/Staff do not keep their UNH Box Account. Any personal data saved to Box becomes inaccessible after leaving UNH. See bottom of page for information on transferring personal Box Data to another non UNH Box account. DO NOT transfer University owned data. * (This does not apply to Faculty Emeritus)



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