Drupal: Current Builds and Environments


This document provides a brief description of the types of Drupal environments maintained by Web and Mobile Development.


Top-level UNH.edu sites (legacy)

Version: 7

Type(s): Top-level pages, "simple" sites, "custom" sites

Features: Custom Content Types (Templates), File Browser, Panelizer (w/Classy Panels), Webforms, Image Gallery, Feeds (Calendar, UNH Today)

Top-level page: https://www.unh.edu/main/academics
Simple site: https://www.unh.edu/digital/
Custom site: https://www.unh.edu/global/

Current build

Version: 7

Type(s): Colleges and Schools sites, academic and administrative department sites

Features: Selectable content types (enabled as needed), Media Browser, Paragraphs, Profile pages, Feeds (Calendar, UNH Today, UNH Catalogs, Banner, myElements), Webforms

College site: https://colsa.unh.edu/
Administrative site: https://innovation.unh.edu/
Department site: https://gradschool.unh.edu/analytics, https://www.unh.edu/research/cibbr 

myPages (OpenScholar) build

Version: 7

Type(s): Faculty lab/course sites, organization sites (student orgs, others), student academic sites (coursework), one-off event sites, faculty/staff/student personal sites

Features: Create your own site (up to 3 sites per account), Apps (for creating consistent content), Widgets (for displaying content), Media Browser (image uploads, video embedding), Collaboration (easily add site members), Public/Private sites

Faculty lab site: https://mypages.unh.edu/garnaslab
Organization site: https://mypages.unh.edu/core
Student-run academic sites: https://mypages.unh.edu/unhcream, https://mypages.unh.edu/commentary


Want to learn more?

Additional help on this and other related topics is available during a regularly scheduled Drupal/myPages/Calendar Walk-in/Zoom-in Session. More information, including a complete schedule, is available at https://at-training.unh.edu/apps/ssr?action=course&id=288.


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