EMS Scheduling Software - Resources for Desktop Client Users

EMS Scheduling Software - Resources for Desktop Client Users

The EMS Desktop Client Software is the administrative side of the online UNH Event Services Portal. This software allows space owners/administrators and event service providers the ability to manage requests, reservations, resources and communications related to events and event services on campus.

Under a formal project authorized by the VPFA in 2017, The EMS Software is being expanded across campus and will be required for managing all reservable space for UNH. This provides the campus with centralized information about what is taking place on campus and enhances both administrative functionality and risk management capabilities.


Access to the system is limited to those involved in space or event service management or require the data reporting that the system provides to support administration and risk management on campus.

If you need more information or support, please submit a service request ticket.

Please DO NOT contact EMS Support Services directly.



Individual and group training is available. To request training, please submit a service request ticket.

Training Guides:

The following are instructions to manage some of the most basic functions within the EMS Desktop Client Software.

Launching the EMS Desktop Client Software and Setting Preferences

Managing Simple Reservations and Confirmations

Managing Services

Additional extensive user guides are available through the EMS software vendor. Note that your account may not provide the privileges to use all of the available features shown in this guide. For assistance and questions, please submit a service request ticket.


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