EAB: Navigate - Imported Information from Wildcat Advising

Task: This article discusses the information that was imported from the past advising software Wildcat Advising, and where they reside within Navigate.


  • Notes that were imported from Wildcat Advising can be found and identified within Navigate under the student profile and History tab
  • All notes that were imported from Wildcat Advising will be prefaced with "Wildcat Advising Import."

What was imported?

  • Over 48,000 notes were successfully imported into Navigate from the old Wildcat Advising platform
  • The dates ranges on History are from 07/25/2015 through 06/21/2018.

What was not imported?

  • Any Reports/Notes with no text in the note body
  • With permission from the relevant advising group, selected Reports and Notes with minimal text (less than 10 characters) in the note body.
  • Any Reports/Notes on past students who do not have an account in Navigate (they either graduated or withdrew before Navigate came to campus)*

* These items that were not imported to Navigate. They were exported from Wildcat Advising and will be retained in an excel file as an archive of that export. If information is required from the archive, log a ticket here and an admin will reach out.

  • Any attachments from a student’s profile in Wildcat Advising.

How do I find these items in Navigate?

  • On a student’s profile, go to the History tab. All the imported items will be in the Notes list in Navigate. The Note Reason for any imported item begins with the phrase "Wildcat Advising Import"
  • If it was an Appointment Report in the old system, the text in the Note column will begin with the word "Notes."
  • If it was a Note/Email entry in the old system, the text in the Note column will begin with the word "Subject."

Who can see these imported Notes in Navigate?

  • Import notes are NOT visible to students but are visible to any advisor who can see the student’s profile.

What else should I know?

  • For the advisor/author name that appears as "Legacy Advisor," the original author did not have an account in Navigate and thus a stand-in account was created and used. The name of the original advisor was preserved in the text body of the imported note for future reference.
  • File attachments in Wildcat Advising can not be bulk exported, so they will not exist in any archive from this effort.  If advisors wish to preserve particular attachments they will need to download these individually from Wildcat Advising.


Users should understand what content was imported from Wildcat Advising into Navigate and should be able to locate this content in Navigate.

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