UNH EMS Event Services Portal

Information for requesting space and event services through the UNH Event Services Portal

The UNH Event Services Portal is the online system managing requests for meeting and event space at UNH.

Not all space on campus is currently available to be request through this system. If the space or service you need is not currently available for request, continue to contact the appropriate department directly.



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How to request space

How to request parking

How to request shuttle service



Please see the FAQ’s – Frequently asked questions below.

Need more help? Submit a service request ticket.


FAQs – Frequently asked questions

I can’t find the room I want to request in any of the available request forms

Not every room on campus is available to be requested online. That is a decision made by the space owner/administrator. It is also possible that your permissions do not allow you access to request certain rooms online. Contact the department owner/administrator of the space for assistance with the space request

What do I select for the "Group" field?

All logged in users should have at least one Group available to them. If you do not, please submit a support ticket.  Most Groups are assigned automatically based on your major, for students, or what department you work, for employees. You may have  more than one group, for example if you are a double major.  Student Organization groups are manually assigned to authorized student schedulers by the MUB.

When using student collaborations space, students should select their major code. If you have than one major code, the system will allow you to continue with either selection.

Student organization schedulers should enter their student org group name when, but only when, they are scheduling time for their student organization meetings and events.

After I select my Group, I don’t see my name in the list of contacts to select from.

If you start typing your last name in the contacts drop down, you should find yourself listed. This has the benefit of auto-populating your email.  If you still can't find your name on the list, select "temporary contact" and enter your name, email and phone number. You will then be able to complete the request.

I have tried everything, and I can’t find my "Group" in the list to request a reservation.

The EMS system will not have groups for things like research projects, committees, event series, or many department programs. UNH Departments having difficulty finding their "Group" can use the level of department to which they report. For example, the ASAC Committee, would put their reservation under "Provost Office" and then use ASAC in the event title: ASAC Committee Meeting.

How do I know if I am going to be charged to use a space?

EMS will not display room fees. You are advised to check the policies with the department that owns the space. Once you request a space, if there are going to be charges incurred, the department will contact you with those charges at the time they approve your request.

My friend/colleague/classmate has the ability to request spaces that I can’t. Why?

Different permissions are granted based on who logs in to the system. Faculty, staff and students have different access. Different colleges and departments also have different access. If you feel you do not have access to request a space that you should, verify with the space owner/administrator what their policies are. They can create a reservation for you. 

I don’t have a UNH AD Log in. How can I request space?

If you do not have a UNH Log In account, you will need to contact the owner/administrator of the space who can make a reservation for you.

How do I know who "owns" a space?

If you need to find the department that is responsible for a specific space, and it is not obvious based on the name of the request form, check with one of the department offices that have space in that building.

How do I know if my request has been approved?

If you are requesting a space that needs approval for use, the space owner/administrator will send you an emailed confirmation, usually within 1 business day of your request. You can also go to "My Events" in the Event Services Portal to see the status of all the requests you have made.

How can I change or cancel a reservation?

Many reservations can be self-canceled by going to the "My Events" list in the portal. Click on your  reservation in the list, there should be a Cancel Reservation option on the right side of the details screen. If not, you need to contact the contact the owner/administrator of the space directly.

Why can’t I request a space more than XXX days in advance?

How far in advance, or with how much short notice an online reservation request can be submitted is determined by the space owner/administrator. In the Event Services Portal, click on the "About" button next to the request form to find the booking rules related to the rooms in that request form. If you are looking for an exception to those rules, contact the space owner/administrator directly.

How do I know if I need approval to request a space?

Most spaces on campus require approval for use. Once you submit your request online, go to "My Events" which will show you the status of your request.

What are the policies if I reserve a space but don’t use it?

Different spaces on campus have different owner/administrators. The owner/administrators of the space set the policies around space use. Questions should be directed to the owner/administrator of the space.

I want to request a room, but it doesn’t have the green "+" sign next to it. The system won’t let me request it.

The green "+" sign only appears for rooms that are available for the date and time you have requested. Re-check the date and time you have chosen. You may be trying to request a space that is either already booked, or, the building may be closed during the time you are requesting.

How do I request a reservation during a time that a building is usually closed?

You need to contact the space owner/administrator to request use of the space.

I have a reservation but the University Curtailed Operations. Can I still hold my event?

Some buildings like the Library, MUB, Athletics and Campus Recreation remain open during curtailed operations and may have the ability to support your scheduled event. Contact the space owner/administrator directly. Reservations for spaces in most academic buildings should be considered cancelled during curtailed operations. Buildings for which access is controlled by Housekeeping or UNH Police, may or may not be unlocked during curtailed operations based on the timing of the called curtailment.

Does Parking Services get notified that I am having an event?

Parking services does not automatically get notified if you schedule an event. Anytime you are hosting an event that will bring approximately 30 or more cars to campus, you are required to fill out the parking request form that is available in the Event Services Portal. This is required regardless of your intent to pay for reserved spaces, or to direct your guests to use standard visitor options.


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