myElements - Adding Web Addresses and Social Media


This article provides the steps to add web addresses, social media, and other links to myElements.

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Web addresses, social media sites as well as links to files within OneDrive can be added to your profile in myElements. Adding this information to myElements will enable them to show publicly in your faculty profile on the college websites as well as findscholars.

NOTE: Do not add your faculty profile web address from the college websites or findscholars to myElements.  This is a platform for reporting and data collection, its not public, though much of this information does feed your college website profile which is public.

Adding a web address

  1. Click on Home tab

  2. Click on Edit Your Profile

  3. Scroll down to Web addresses and social media

  4. Click on Add a web address examples include lab websites, Google Scholar profile, Research Gate profile, Scholars Repository, Carsey Brief and myPages websites

  5. Add details NOTE: Label entry will be displayed on your faculty profile

  6. Click Save

NOTE: This information will not show on your faculty activity report. It will only be added to the faculty profile on the college websites and findscholars. Data is fed daily but please allow for a couple days for it to show up on your public profiles.

 Adding a link from OneDrive

  1. Save your file to OneDrive

  2. From OneDrive online (Microsoft OneDrive) click the Share button next to the file you wish to add to myElements

  3. See related KB article for Sharing information:  OneDrive: Sharing Files and Creating Links
  4. Use this copied link as the url in the adding web address area in your myElements profile

Need additional help?

Please fill out the myElements webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional training see Academic Technology training calendar



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