How do I request speech-to-text transcriptions in AVST voicemail?

Speech-to-Text transcriptions on your AVST voicemail can be requested through the Telecom website at

Login to your account with your AD password >  you will be directed to your Home Page > Save your account Profile (needed at first-time entry to account) > Click on box to "Send Translated Text to 'your UNH email address'

You will see a pop-up message alerting:

  • Transcripts are handled through a 3rd party - will be received via separate email from voicemail notification
  • Acknowledge that Personally Identified Information (PII)  should never be sent via transcript.  If there is a chance of PII in your voicemails, do not request this service

This self-service transcript request is only available on Individual Voice Mail  accounts.  Group Voice Mail accounts that would like this transcript service need to send in their request via a web form on our website under "Make A Request"  > "Questions and Estimates".


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