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The following are frequently asked questions related to faculty profiles in myElements, and faculty and staff profile pages appearing in school and college websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the data coming from for the faculty profiles?

A: See Drupal: Sources of Faculty Profile Page Information in this Knowledge Base.

Q: Where is the data coming from for the staff profiles?

A: See Drupal: Sources of Staff Profile Page Information in this Knowledge Base.

Q: Where should Banner HR information changes be sent?

A: Send an email to

Q: I sent a request to Banner HR for a data update but I do not see it reflected in my profile - why?

A: Certain parts of the data are updated only weekly from Banner to myElements and college and department websites. Even if the change has been processed by HR, it may be up to 1 week before you see that change reflected. This process will soon be running nightly. Anticipated by early October.

Q: I updated my data in myElements but I do not see it on my profile webpage in my department website - why?

A: Data is fed from myElements to department websites weekly. It may be up to 1 week before you see the changes you made reflected on your page in the department website. This process will soon be running nightly. Anticipated by early October.

Q: Why are some faculty profile webpages showing duplicate titles?

A: If a faculty shows duplicate titles, such as two "PROFESSOR" stacked on top of each other it is because they entered a title on myElements and the system is pulling the title from Banner and my Elements. To correct this, faculty should delete their title in myElements. The academic appointments listed in myElements are meant to be additional titles currently held in addition to your core appointment (see myElements-Your Profile - Additional Titles in this Knowledge Base).

Q: My research interest does not show in the pick list in myElements, what do I do?

A: For the time being there is not a way to update the pick list for research interests. The list comes from UNH Sponsored Research as a standard list of research interest/terms used by funding agencies and academic journals. We do recognize that everyone will not be able to find 100% match with their precise research area. Please find the interest areas that most closely reflect your interests and use your bio to provide additional details.

Q: Why are not all courses ever taught displaying on my profile webpage in my department website?

A: Only the past 5 years of courses taught are included on the website.

NOTE: If you taught the same subject code and course number multiple years, but it changed names only the most recent name will be displayed. If you teach a special topic course and have done a number of different topics, only the most recent will currently display. This will be reviewed.

NOTE: If you teach courses that are cross-listed between subjects or levels only one instance of the course will display. If a single faculty is listed as teaching multiple courses that meet at the same time, in the same location it is assumed they are a scheduled teaching instance and a single course listing is created. This means if you teach a course that is a 700 and 800 level course it is listed only as the 700 level, same if it is listed in 2 departments, only the first department is listed. This logic will be reviewed to find a better representation of these teaching activities. We anticipate this change in September 2019 at the earliest as we need to get some input from a few different groups.

NOTE: As of January 2019, it has been determined that courses with the following course numbers will not be listed on websites: 795, 798, 799, 895, 898, 899, 995, 996, and 998.

Regarding Publications on faculty profile webpages:

  • Only the following types of "publications" will be shown on profile web pages:
    • Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits
    • Book
    • Brief
    • Chapter
    • Conference Proceeding
    • Creative work
    • Journal Article
    • Legal Publications

    Publications will list "Favorites." See myElements - Setting & Changing Publications as Favorites in this knowledge base. If no favorites have been created, then the 5 most recent, and 5 most cited will be listed. When it comes to the 5 most cited, it would most likely be only journal articles as other types of publications do not collect citations in the same way.
    NOTE: The "VIEW ALL" link below the Publications list will take a visitor to the FindScholars
    @UNH website, positioned on the faculty profile page.

NOTE: If you do not see the answer to your question above, have additional feedback or issues to report, please submit a request here:

All feedback will be reviewed and suggested improvements considered for future releases.


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