Microsoft Teams Usage Guidelines

Welcome to Microsoft Teams. Below are some guidelines to help make sure things go smoothly.

Keep in Mind:

  • Be receptive to innovation as existing features may change as Microsoft improves the Microsoft Teams experience
  • UNH is in the process of migrating mailboxes to the Microsoft Office 365 environment which may occasionally impact or improve your Microsoft Teams experience
  • Some advertised features of Microsoft Teams are limited by UNH's licensing agreement with Microsoft
  • Persistent Chat: membership of a Team may change over time allowing new members to see old content

Using Microsoft Teams in general:

  • Use of Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 services provided by UNH is governed by the same policies as other university resources:
  • Your team name may show in UNH Microsoft based directories, and should use the following naming conventions to avoid confusion between similarly named lists or groups:
    • The word "Team" should be in the name
    • Your team name should be as descriptive and concise as possible
    • Your team name cannot be offensive
  • Examples:
      • Not Recommended: Senior Project 2018
      • Recommended:Red Team Senior Project 2018
      • Not Recommended: Joes Team
      • Recommended:ECON 650 John Joes Fall 2018 Team
      • Not Recommended: ECON 650 section 1
      • Recommended: ECON 650 Fall 2018 section 1 Team
      • Not Recommended: Project Team
      • Recommended: ETS Exchange Online Migration Project Team
  • Always keep at least two owners of a team
    • Owners are expected to maintain team membership
    • Microsoft Teams with no active owners may be deleted or removed by UNH IT
  • Old or unused teams may be removed if they are no longer needed or exist only as archival artifacts
  • Use and content of Microsoft Teams may be monitored by UNH IT administrators and content deemed inappropriate or in violation of UNH policies may be removed
  • UNH IT reserves the right to amend these guidelines
  • For most users, we recommend you upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus to have the best experience collaborating as possible. If you have Microsoft Project or Microsoft Visio installed, or are on a shared/lab computer - check with your IT professional before attempting to upgrade.

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