Set up your account in Outlook Desktop Application

For Windows
For Mac

Note: If you get a gray log in pop up please make sure you remove any mention of AD in the username fields.

For Windows

If you are opening Outlook for the first time on your computer, open Outlook.

  1. If prompted, name your Profile and click OK.

  2. Make sure your email address is populated in the prompt.

  1. Click Connect.

  2. If prompted, authenticate at the familiar MyLogin experience with your username and password.

  3. Click Done.


If you have a existing Outlook Profile that you are replacing, follow these instructions:

  1. Exit Outlook.

  2. Click the Windows button.

  3. Type "Run" and enter to open the Run prompt.

  4. Type  "outlook.exe /manageprofiles" and click OK to open the "Mail Setup" prompt.

  5. Click "Show Profiles..."

  6. Click "Add" and input a unique name for your new Outlook Profile.

  7. Click OK.

  8. If your name and email address is not automatically populated, enter them in the appropriate fields.

  9. Click Next.

  10. You may be prompted to enter your email address.  Enter it and click Next.

  11.  Authenticate at the familiar MyLogin prompt with your username and password.

  12. Click Finish.

  13. At the bottom of the "Mail" dialog, use the drop down to switch to your new profile under "Always use this profile.

  14. Click OK.

  15. Open Outlook.

For Mac

  1. Open Outlook.

  2. Click Outlook in the finder bar.

  3. Open Preferences.

    Preferences Outlook Desktop App Mac

  4. Choose Accounts.

    Accounts Outlook Desktop App Mac

  5. If your account is already listed, remove it before proceeding.

  6. Click the "Add Email Account" button

  7. Enter your email address (,, etc.)

  8. You will be redirected to the familiar MyLogin experience.

  9. Enter your username and password

  10. Click "Sign in."

  11. If prompted, select "Always use my response for this server" and then click Allow

Outlook Server Pop up

If you are having trouble logging in, try running the Microsoft SARA.


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