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This article explains the Courses Taught category found under Teaching Activities in myElements.


Courses Taught

The courses taught list is fed from Banner Student. It displays as it was coded and detailed in Banner Student. If you find that this information is not correct you will need to bring this to the attention of your department admin. Courses taught within the last 5 years will be fed into myElements.

Course Data

  • Mid-October -- Run for current fall/previous summer Terms
  • End of January -- Run for Winter (J-Term) and past Fall Terms
  • Mid-March -- Run for current Spring Term
  • End of July -- Run for current summer/previous spring Terms


 Supporting Course Data: Grade Totals and Course Evaluation Data

  • Summer Term -- Grades roll late August so run 2nd week of September
  • Fall Term -- Grades roll end of December so run 2nd week of January
  • J Term -- Grades roll end of January so run 2nd week of February
  • Spring -- Grades roll end of May so run 2nd week in June


NOTE: If you are not the instructor of record but need it to show up for your report you can

  1. Request that your department work with the Registrars Office to update the course data in Banner so you are correctly listed as an instructor. This would be the best option going forward because it would feed to all of the places where we use this data: display at, assignment to course in myCourses, connection to the course for course evaluation processing, and connection to the course within myElements
  2. You can have the instructor of record add you to the course within their myElements account so that it shows in your myElements account. This will only change it within myElements.

To do this you need to

  1. From the Home tab click on Courses Taught under Teaching Activities
  2. Click on the course that you wish to change
  3. Scroll to the bottom and add the co-instructors name. It must match their name in myElements to be linked to their account.

image of instructor link

Need additional help?

Please fill out the myElements webform with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional training see Teaching and Learning Technologies training calendar


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