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Mail Subject: TDx ITSM: Resolution Action Reminder

Date Sent: 10/31/19 9:35AM

Good morning ITSM ticketing users,

In TeamDynamix IT Service Management (TDx ITSM), we track Resolution Action. This field indicates the type of work performed to fulfill a service request or resolve an incident and provides valuable insight on how we support our customers and services. Every ticketing user is responsible for updating this field on ticket closure.

Thus far in FY20, 23% of our tickets have been closed without an applicable Resolution Action.

Please take a moment to add the My Missing Assets/Resolution Actions module to your ITSM Desktop. This module displays any tickets you have closed in the past 30 days without a Resolution Action or Asset. Your goal is to always ensure this module is empty; if a ticket appears, simply update the ticket’s Resolution Action and/or add an Asset.

For an explanation of each Resolution Action and their use cases, visit


Mail Subject: TDx ITSM: Group Changes

Date Sent: 1/7/19 - 3:09PM

At 5:00PM tomorrow, Jan 8, we will be modifying several groups used in the IT Service Management segment of TeamDynamix. These changes are meant to more accurately reflect the work performed by the respective teams. Two groups will be renamed; one group will be retired.


Most ITSM users will not need to take any action, other than using these new group names when queuing tickets. However, if you own any templates that prepopulate these groups, especially the retired Authentication Consulting Managers group, please ensure that Responsibility and Type are updated as appropriate.




Old Name: Group: UNH IT - ETS Domain Admin (AD)


New Name: Group: UNH IT - ETS Directory and Domain Admin (AD)


Old Name: Group: UNH IT - ETS SecureAuth Admin


New Name: Group: UNH IT - ETS Authentication Admin


Retired* Group: Group: UNH IT - Authentication Consulting Managers


*Requests previously directed to the Authentication Consultation Managers group should be routed to the ETS Authentication Admin group.


If you have any questions, please contact



Mail Subject: TDx ITSM: Remembering Resolution Action

Date Sent: 6/22/18 - 10:30AM

In TDx ITSM, we track Resolution Action -- the action taken to fulfill a request or resolve an incident. It is your responsibility, when closing a ticket, to update the Resolution Action in the Update window.

Q: What if I forget?

A: There’s a module for that!

Take a moment to plop the My Missing Assets/Resolution Actions module on your desktop. This module looks at the past 30 days and reports back any tickets you’ve closed without a valid Resolution Action (or Asset).

To add the module:

  1. In TDx, go to the IT Service Management tab
  2. Click Edit Tickets Desktop
  3. In the lefthand list, find My Missing Assets/Resolution Actions
  4. Grab the module and drag it to a column
    • Tip: A good spot for it is right under My ITSM Tickets
  5. Click Save
  6. Refresh your desktop

Do you see tickets in the list? Let’s fix them!

For tickets with the "Pending " Resolution Action:

  1. Open the ticket
  2. Go to Action > Update
  3. Scroll down to Resolution Action and pick an applicable action
  4. Add a Comment and Save
  5. Refresh your desktop and the ticket should disappear from the list

Note: If the module shows tickets with 0 Assets, open the ticket, go to the Asset tab, and apply an applicable Asset.

Mail Subject: TDx ITSM - Added functionality for Pending status

Date Sent: 5/14/18 - 4:53PM

With approval from the ITSM Steering Committee, we will be adding functionality to the Pending status in TDx IT Service Management.


Wednesday, 5/16, at 5:00 PM

What’s Changing:

Pending tickets will gain the ability to revert to their previous status (other than On Hold) when one of the following happens:

  • A comment is made via the Client Portal
  • A comment is made via an email
  • You (optionally) set a time and date for this to happen

To designate a time when the Pending ticket should revert its status, use the Update window to set a Goes Off Hold date and time.

Use Cases:

  • When waiting for an update from a client, set the ticket to Pending. When the client responds, the ticket will revert to its last status.
  • When a ticket cannot proceed until a certain date, set the ticket to Pending and set the Goes Off Hold date. On the date designated, the ticket will revert to its last status.

Important Notes:

  • Do not set a ticket from Resolved at First Level/Closed/Cancelled to Pending. If a client updates this ticket, the ticket will revert back to one of these statuses. Instead, set the ticket to In Process, then Pending.
  • Report Creators: Pending will belong to the On Hold status class . Please update your reports where applicable.


If you have any questions, please submit a ticket at:

Mail Subject: Welcome to the ITSM FYI mailing list!

Date Sent: 5/4/18 - 4:24PM

Welcome to the ITSM FYI mailing list!

What is this?

The IT Service Management (ITSM) Operations team has developed this mailing list to keep in touch with you regarding all things ITSM. Primarily, this means updates to the TDx ITSM segment which may impact you. Other information, such as changes to business processes, training opportunities, and events may also be sent using this list.

Why am I on this list?

As a user of the TDx IT Service Management segment, you have been auto-enrolled in the list.

Can I unsubscribe?

We will be providing need-to-know information using this list. It is highly recommended you stay registered. However, you may unsubscribe here:

How can others subscribe?

As new staff join the ITSM segment, they will need to proactively sign up for the mailing list. They can do so here:

How often will you send me mail?

We’ll only be sending mail when we’ve got something to share.

What if I delete a mail? Is there a repository for this information?

Yes! In addition to sending these mails, we will be keeping a repository of information in the IT KB. The thread can be found here:

I have something to share. May I mail to this list?

This list is exclusively for ITSM FYI and sending to the list is restricted. However, if you have anything you’d like to share with the community, feel free to contact

I have a question about this list. Whom do I contact?

All questions can be sent to



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