Salesforce Marketing Cloud - User Defined Fields within Email Content


When an ad-hoc list has been uploaded to Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) that contains User Defined Fields, the User can add 'merge' fields to their email content in order to draw information from the Ad-Hoc list into the body of the email. 


NOTE:  The ad-hoc list needs to be uploaded prior to adding the merge fields.

1. Start a new email

2. On the Content Page add a Text box

3. Using the bust Icon in the Text Editor WYSIWYG locate the Profile Attributes drop down.

4. In order to access the user defined fields uploaded with the Ad-hoc list, the user will use the "Choose New Data Source" link at the bottom of the dialog (highlighted above)

5. Once the Data Extension or Audience dialog appears, navigate down to the appropriate Ad-Hoc list under Shared Data Extensions

6. Select the Ad-hoc list and choose OK in the bottom right. This will navigate the user back to Content Page

7. Now, use the drop down on the bust Icon and notice the system has User_Field_X options available. The user can now drop these merge fields into the content where ever required.

Sample Ad-Hoc file:

Using the place holders in email content:

8. Once complete with the content, navigate to the Preview and Test page. The user should see the merge fields populate

NOTE: Once a user accesses a new data source using the drop down in the bust icon, the system will remember that until the user switches to a new data source.

9. The user can now progress with getting the content approved and sent.

See related article for help uploading a list with User defined fields: SFMC - Uploading Ad-hoc list with User Defined Fields

Need additional help?

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