Invite and Manage Box Collaborators

Inviting collaborators

From your box account, navigate to the folder or file you wish to share and click Share or Share this folder

Box Sharing

This will open a window with several options in it:

Enter the name or email of the person you wish to invite to collaborate. (See below if the user is outside of the UNH Box tenant)

You can select what the collaborator can do within your folder by selecting the Invite as Editor link and changing the permissions.

Co-Owner: have at least one other co-owner on a folder. This can be a Box Group account. This should be someone that will have full control over the data within the folder.

Editor: This should be for users you wish to manage content within the folder.

Viewer/Uploader: Most collaborators should be set with viewer/uploader rights. Unless you need them to delete or rename content.

Previewer Uploader: This should be for folders where you are looking to have files uploaded and viewable only.

Viewer: This should be used for installers. This allows users to download the file, execute it if needed.

Previewer: Just need to have the collaborator view the file, this is the best option. They can only preview the content using a web browser

Uploader: This is a great option for collecting content.

Note: People invited to folders will have access to all items in the folder, including other folders within.

Adding collaborators outside our UNH Box tenant:

When adding collaborators that are outside of our Box Tenant, make sure the email address you are using is correct.

Add the user's full email address. The user does not exist in our system and will not auto populate. You are essentially inviting them to Box. They will have to create a Box account to collaborate with you on these files. Box offers free accounts with 10 gigs. Outside collaborators icons will appear grey in color.

Example of invitation to someone outside of UNH Box tenant

Manage your Collaborations

Permissions can be managed by selecting a user in the collaborations menu on the right side of the screen.

Example of where to change user permissions for collaboration


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