EAB: Navigate - Adding Notes to a Student Record

Task: Notes are a great way to attach commentary in addition to Advising Summaries to your students’ profile pages and keep track of any information about that student that may be outside of an advising appointment. Notes and Advising Reports are currently the only method of attaching a file to a student's profile. Most commonly you can file a note from your Home tab or via the Search tab.


Notes and Report summaries should contain factual information only. They should not be opinion in nature nor contain any medical information as these need to be both FERPA & HIPPA compliant.


Notes offer an additional mechanism to jot down information about a student, collaborate across Care Units, and create a record of information provided directly to the student. Because of their flexibility, institutions take advantage of notes in a variety of ways. Some institutions view the capability as a "sticky note," and allow faculty and staff to document any important information that should be visible to anyone working with the student. Other institutions use notes to track very specific information about students, such as their degree plans. In these scenarios, faculty and staff can attach the student’s degree plan directly to the note, make the note visible to the student, and label the note with a searchable Note Reason, such as "Academic Planning" (note reasons vary depending on configurations). Notes are not restricted to specific Care Units, nor tied to student appointments -- therefore, they are accessible to any staff or faculty in the platform who have permission to view Notes.

To Add a Note:

  1. Check the box next to a student’s name and click Add a Note on this Student.
  2. Enter the text for your note.
  3. Enter a Note Reason (optional). Note Reasons are used to categorize notes for easy reference. These reasons are created and set by your Application Administrator.
  4. Attach a file (optional).
  5. Select the proper permissions and visibility settings. (By default Notes are not visible to students, however if requested by the student they can gain access as these are part of the students academic records)
    1. Advisor Name Only - this setting allows only the creator of the note to view it
    2. Student Name - This allows the student to see the note created

Click Save Note.


Users can expect an overview regarding how to add notes to a student's record. 

Further reading:

Notes are usually not advising in nature. Notes pertaining to academics and advising are added to an Advising Summary Detail.

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