Clearing Box Drive Cache

Numerous issues with Box applications can be fixed by clearing the local computers Box Cache. In some cases reinstalling the application after the cache is cleared is necessary.

Note: This article covers clearing Box Drive Cache for Windows and Mac machines. Please reach out to your IT Department if you wish to have help with this.

Windows Clear Box Cache:

  • Exit Box Drive - From Windows Task Bar- far right corner right click Box Drive icon
    • Some users may see a upward carrot or a full list of all their open applications
    • Look for the icon that says Box, right click and choose Exit
  • Open File Explorer
    • Windows 7 - go to start enter File Explorer in Search Programs and Files
    • Windows 10 - in Search bar enter File Explorer
  • Default view - is Quick Access
    • Navigate to your Users folder by copying / pasting C:\Users\[your user folder name]\AppData\Local\Box\Box\cache into the Explorer address bar.
    • If the above does not work, in address bar enter C:
      • C:\Users\
      • Open your user folder
      • Look for a folder called AppData - If you do not see this folder you need to enable hidden folders - instructions provided at the bottom of this article.
      • Once you have AppData folder visible navigate to Local\Box\Box\Cache
  • Open cache - select all files within this folder hit the delete button on keyboard. Can also right click , then select delete from drop down. Do NOT manipulate or edit files from this folder as this will result in errors.
  • C:\Users\[your user folder name]\AppData\Local\Box\Box\cache

File Explorer Window - AppData Location for Box Drive

  • Close window
  • If you are still experiencing an issue, reinstall Box Drive

Windows Reinstalling Box Drive:

  • To Uninstall Box Drive:
    • Type in Control Panel in Search bar for Win 10 or open Control Panel from Start Menu Win 7
    • Use Control Panels search bar (upper right) and search for Uninstall or Program and Features
  • Search for Box, select then click uninstall

Control Panel - Uninstall from Programs and Features

*AppData Folder not visible for Windows:

  • Open Control Panel
    • Search Programs and Features Windows 7
    • Go to Appearance and Personalization
    • Select Folder Options, then View Tab
  • Open the View Tab - under Advanced Settings - locate Show Hidden Files and Folders - set to show
    • Click apply, okay to close window
    • Navigate back to File Explorer, your User folder, you should now see the AppData folder
  • For Windows 10 - from the File Explorer window, click the view tab, then check off Hidden items under Show/Hide section of the navigation bar

Mac Box Drive Cache Clear instructions:

  • Navigate to /Users/[Username]Library/Application Support/Box/Box/Cache
  • Select all
  • Delete all content from the cached folder. Do NOT manipulate or edit files from this folder as this will result in errors.
  • After it is cleared, restart your computer

Mac Uninstall Box Drive:

  • Quit Box Drive -
    • Locate the lower case b on the finder bar
    • Open and select Cog Wheel / Gear
    • Click Quit
  • Run uninstaller script:
    • Launch Terminal
      • Go to magnifier/search upper far right of finder bar
      • Enter Terminal
    • Type in
      • sudo "/Library/Application Support/Box/uninstall_box_drive"
  • Visit Download Box Drive for Mac or Windows to reinstall Box Drive


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