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Task: This article cover the process of creating and modifying a Student List of specific students.  When students are added to a Student List they remain on that watch list until a user removed them manually.  Unlike a Search where a student would naturally appear and disappear from a search based on whether the search criteria was met, with a Student List a student remains until removed. 


A Student List is a static group of students that you can continually monitor over time.  Student List are managed by the user and students are manually added and removed.  This is beneficial when you want to send a communication to a specific group of students, they can be added to a Student List and then specifically targeted for communication.

Creating a Student List:

  1. To create a Student List, run your Advanced Search and return a list of students.  Once you have your list, select all students you wish to add by selecting the gray check box next to their name, or by selecting the entire list by clicking on the gray All box.
  2. After selecting your students, click on the Actions Menu
  3.  Select Student List at the bottom of the list
  4.  You may either add students to an existing Student List or you may select Create New List.
  5.  Once you name your list, click Save.  You have saved a static list of students that will not change over time unless the user adds or removes students.

Uploading a Student List:

Student Lists can be uploaded from a single column CSV file containing the student ID

  1. Under Lists and Saved Items, use the Actions Menu and select Upload Student List
  2. Either selected a current list or Create a new list, then select Confirm
  3. Browse out to the CSV file, Click the blue icon to upload the file
  4. Select the column from the CSV to upload, click Save
  5. The system will then upload your CSV to the selected Student List

Maintaining a Student List

Overtime you may choose to modify current lists by renaming or adjusting the list of students. 

  1. Navigate to saved lists using the Lists & Saved Items icon in the Blue navigation back on the left side of the screen
  2. Select the list name under the Student List heading by using the Check box to the left of the list name
  3. Using the Actions menu, you can Rename, Delete or Upload a list from a .csv file
  4. If you need to modify the students within the list, simply select the list name by clicking on it. 
  5. Once the list is open you can use the check box to the left of a students name to remove them from the list if needed.


This article will help understand the process of creating and modifying a Student List of specific students.

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