EAB: Navigate - Schedule an Academic Advising Appointment (Advisor -> Student)

Task: This article will outline the steps an advisor would provide to students in order for the students to walk through the process of scheduling an advising appointment using Navigate. 


  1. Scheduling an appointment with one of your assigned students:
  2. Locate your student from the List of students on your home page
  3. Check the Box to the left of their name
  4. From the Actions menu, select Schedule Appointment
  5. This will open up a 'Schedule Appointment page'
  6. Select a Care Unit
  7. Select a Location
  8. Select a Service that is tied to the Location
  9. Course is Optional
  10. Select a date using the Calendar
  11. In the middle of the page Select an Organizer (Advisor)
    1. The list if advisors is driven by the Location and Service
  12. Using the Choose a Time to Meet grid, select a time slot that is available, denoted by Green highlight and a check box.
  13. Once a time slot has been selected, choose Save Appointment

From a student's information page. 

If you clicked on the student or searched for a student that may or may not be assigned to you. 

From the students home page, simply select "Schedule an Appointment" on the right side of the page and follow steps starting at #5 above.


Users will be able to follow the steps to schedule an advising appointment with a student through Navigate. 

Need additional help?

Please use this link to the ET&S Help Desk team to locate your local campus contact information.  Use the “Submit a Question” for your campus to enter an online support request.  


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