EAB: Navigate - Advisor- My Assigned Students

Task: This article will highlight the features and information that are included when viewing the Students tab in the Navigate application.


Advisor- My Assigned Students

On the Home page, My Assigned Students  gives you a quick and easy way to see and interact with all your assigned advisees.

NOTE:  If you do not see any students, it is likely that students have not been assigned to you yet.  Depending on your department/role this list could be fed from Banner Student or populated manually (University Advising Center and Paul College). You can always look up any student in the system but they will only show up in My Assigned Students when they are officially assigned to you as an advisor. In the event that you expect to see students in your assigned list but do not, please contact the UNH IT Service Desk 603-862-4242

NOTE:  In some cases the advisor may need to toggle the "My Assigned Students For XXXX" (see image below)

In the main student grid, you will notice several key pieces of information next to each student’s name: Student Name, ID, Student List, Cum GPA


Actions Menu

Many of the items under the actions menu require a student to be chosen first.  NOTE:  Action menu items may vary by user based on permissions.

After a student(s) has been chosen these options become available

  • Send Message  A message to the student is generated within the Navigate application. This message will be sent to the students email that is on file within the application. NOTE: If the student replies to message it will go into the mailbox of the adviser but will not be captured within the Navigate.
  • Create Appointment Summary When a student is selected this displays a box to add details to a specific appointment. 
  • Appointment Campaign When students are selected this will allow them to be added to a campaign.
  • Schedule Appointment allows the staff member to create an appointment for the student
  • Note When a student is selected this will allow the adviser to add a note to the file. This will be part of the academic file but will not be visible to others unless specified.
  • Add to Student List Adds a student a Student list
  • Export Results Exports specified information into a spreadsheet
  • Show/Hide Columns allows the user to customize the information displayed within the Student list

Scheduling advising/general appointment can be done without first choosing a student due to the quick search feature within the tool.


Users can expect an overview of EAB: Navigate - Advisor- My Assigned Students.

Need additional help?

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