myWildcat Success - Creating an Appointment Summary (Appointment Notes)


This article will focus on the process for marking an appointment as complete and adding details to a recently completed appointment, once the advisor has met with the student and conducted the advising session.  Known as an appointment summary in myWildcat Success.

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1.  Once the advisor has logged into myWildcat Success they should be on the Advisor Home Page

2.  Just below the "My Assigned Students" section the advisor will see the "Reporting" section.  This area will list all the Recent Appointments scheduled.

3.  Locate the appointment to which you need to add details.  This is called "adding Appointment Summary"

4.  Check the box to the far left of the  respective appointment and click Actions

5.  Select "Add Appointment Summary"

6.  In the Appointment Details page, fill in the appropriate fields.  Some will fill in automatically based on the information added prior when creating the original appointment.  Ensure  you select the correct Meeting Type, and Report Details (notes) on the right.  The user can also attach any supporting documents as required using the Attach File.    Once the report has been saved the Depart time for both Advisor and Student will fill in automatically based on the current time.  If you require a different time  you can simply type in the time needed.

NOTE:  Notes entered must be FERPA compliant. 

For additional information regarding FERPA please follow this link:

7.  Once complete click the "Save this Report" icon in the lower right. 

8.  Notes within the report(s)  can be viewed at anytime  by locating the appointment in the Recent Advising Appointment area from their Advisor Page.  Look for reports that have the Green "Report Details", the click on the details link to the right. 

NOTE:  Details (notes) added to the report can be seen by both the student and other advisors who access this report.


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