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This article is intended for Advisors and Faculty Advisors, it describes what features to expect when logging in to Navigate. Navigate is an enterprise-level technology that links administrators, advisors, deans, faculty, other staff and students in a coordinated care network designed to help schools proactively manage student success and deliver a return on education.


Advisor-Navigating the Home Page

There are many important features on the advisors home page. When a user with an advisor role logs in the home page will display like this

advisor home page

Tabs indicate features that are important for advisor usability.

Students tab- Shows the students that have been assigned to you as an advisor in Banner. Student assignments are run over night in Banner. If you do not see students in your list that you expect to please wait over night and then contact the service desk at 603-862-4242. For more information on the students tab see My Assigned Students article. For more information see My Assigned Students

Upcoming Appointments- Gives the advisor a quick and easy way to view all of their upcoming appointments. Also includes the features to managing these appointments. For more information see Upcoming Appointments

My Availability- The place to set when you are available for advising appointments. For more information see Setting Availability

Advising Appointment Queues- Allows advisors to monitor and maintain visits for students in their own queue as well as in other advisors' queues ( Not used at UNH at this time)



This is a quick easy way to access student lists from past semesters as well as Watch Lists and Saved Searches

My Assigned Students

This area will allow users to access student lists in current and past semesters

Student Lists - If the user has created any watch lists they will be able to access those directly from this location

Saves Searches - if the user has created and saved any advanced searches they can access those directly from this location


Global navigation

Home- Brings you back to to the home page

Conversations- Will provide history as well as active dialog with students through the Navigate system. Those communications that happen through Outlook or another email application will not be stored here. As long as advisor and student use the Conversations area of the application all dialog will be stored here.

Calendar- Shows all appointments and availability and at a glance

Campaigns- Campaigns provide the opportunity to create events with time and attendee specifications. See Creating Appointment Campaigns

Reminders- Set reminders that are associated with a particular student. See Reminders

Advanced Search- Set search filters to create focused lists. See Advanced Search & Filters

Lists and Saved searches- Viewing and managing watch lists and saved searches. See Student Lists and Saving Advanced Searches

Reports- The system comes with a number of predefined reports that advisors can use to gain insight and information on student(s)


Need additional help?

Please fill out the EAB Navigate web form with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional Training please visit the Teaching and Learning Technologies Docs & Training site


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