Box Drive - Lock Feature

Lock feature now available on Box Drive for Windows and Mac

Available on Box Drive Version 1.7.199 or newer

 Box Drive Version 1.7.199

The latest version should prompt to auto install. See our knowledge base article on installing the New Update for Box Drive

To verify Box Drive version:

  • Locate and open Box Drive Icon
    • Windows lower right task bar near time
    • Mac upper finder bar
  • Click Cog Wheel
  • Select About

Open Box Drive:

  • Windows - File Explorer > Box folder
  • Mac - Finder > Document Library > Box Folder

Highlight the file you wish to edit:

For Windows:

Windows - Right clicked file scroll to Box then choose Lock file

  • Right click highlighted file
  • From the drop down menu locate Box
    • Then choose Lock File
    • File will now show a Lock icon
    • File image with locked Icon in lower left
  • To unlock file
    • Right click locked file in Box Drive > locate Box > Unlock file
  • Allow a few seconds for the file to Lock and Unlock
  • File can be Unlocked while it is Opened. 
  • Can only be Unlocked by the user that Locked the file or file owner.

For Macs:

Mac Box Drive Lock File Location

  • Right click highlighted file
  • Select Lock File
  • File will lock in a few seconds
    • Lock Icon will display in the lower left corner of the file icon

To unlock file

  • Right click the Locked file in Box Drive> Unlock file
  • Allow a few seconds for the file to Lock and Unlock
  • File can be Unlocked, by the user that locked the file, while it is Opened.

Things to note:

*Tested with a machine with the latest version of Box Drive and a Machine with an older version of Box Drive, these below results may not be the same if everyone has the latest version of Box drive. Will update as needed.*

  • Lock icon will appear for all versions of Box Drive, lock feature will NOT be available for older versions of Box Drive
    • Users will still be able to open those files, however; any edits made while the file is lock will result in errors and a local file saved of that document

Office Error with Locked Files- Locked Files get saved to local PC

  • Users can still open files that are locked using older versions of Box Drive, however; they will get an error

Box Drive New Problem Item error



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