myElements - Editing Activity Data


This article describes how to edit data that has been manually entered into myElements.


Data that has been manually entered into myElements can be edited. Some data such as type can be changed but it depends on the type. See myElements - Changing the type of a claimed publication for help with updating type. NOTE: Publications that have been automatically claimed cannot be updated unless a manual entry is created.

  1. Scroll down to bottom of home page and click on the category that your item is under

  2. Search for activity by scrolling through or use filter on the right

  3. In the activity box click on magnifying glass

  4. Click Edit record

  5. Click Update data

  6. Click Save at the bottom


Need additional help?

Please fill out the myElements webform with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional training see Teaching and Learning Technologies training calendar


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