Canvas: How to create a quiz


This video explains how to create a quiz and the various quiz settings, as well as adding questions. The quiz tool allows you to create an online quiz and add different types of questions. Some questions types (multiple choice, True/False, multiple answers, fill in the blank) will be automatically graded, while other questions like essay, file upload are manually graded by the instructor.  Additionally, questions can be setup in a Question Bank or in groups that allow the questions to be randomly selected from that pool (group) of questions.   

517a - Quiz Creation: Settings


How to create a Quiz

  1. In the Course Menu, select Quiz.  
  2. Select the new Quiz button.
  3. Enter a Quiz title, then add instructions in the Rich Content Editor.
  4. Scroll down to select the options to apply to the quiz.
  5. Select the Questions tab to add questions to the quiz. See the link below about adding questions to the quiz.

Quiz questions are manually created and added to the quiz.  You are not able to upload/convert a quiz from another resource such as a word document into the quiz.  You could copy and paste the questions from the word document into the Canvas quiz question.


Users can expect to learn how to create a quiz in Canvas.

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