Box - Creating Shareable Links

Shareable Box links are an easy way to share files or folders with someone else. These links can be shared anywhere a link can be posted, including emails, websites, or documents.

Getting the link

  1. Go to your box account located at and find the file or folder which you wish to share

  2. Click the share button on the far right, then toggle the "Enable Shared Link" slider

  3. This will open a menu with a link and some options. To copy the link to your clipboard, press the "copy" button on the right side of the menu. Once this has been done, the link can be pasted

Box Shared Link Menu

Setting Restrictions

  • To choose who can access this link, click on the blue drop down labeled "Invited People Only". There are three available access types to pick from.

    • People with the link : Allows anyone who has the link to access the file, this is the least secure method and should not be used with sensitive files or folders.

      • Setting a password:  You can also set a password for this option, which will require anyone who has the link to enter a password before accessing the shared file
        Note:  Make sure to send the password separately from the link to improve its security

    • People in your company : Allows people within the university system to access the file, this helps prevent non-university users from accessing files.

    • Invited People Only : Allows only people who have access to the file/folder to use the link, this is the most secure method of sharing a Box link.

Optional Link Settings

  • To create settings for the shareable link, click the "Link Settings" above the "copy" button.

    • Link Expiration : This allows you to select a day on a calendar, which will set a date when the link will no longer work. This is a security measure to prevent the link from being found in the future.

    • Password Protect : this allows the security of locking the file or folder behind a password.

    • Custom URL : This allows you to alter the text of a Box file link to something more readable.

    • Allow Download : This allows users with the shared link to download the file/folder.

Shared Link Optional Settings


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