Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Selecting the Correct Audience List

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  • When selecting the audience SFMC provides the number of recipients in the list. The user should have an idea of how many people would receive the email. This will help the user select the list with the number of recipients close to what is expected
  • If using an Ad-Hoc list the user will know how may records are in the list and can match it with the population value of the list within SFMC

  • Under the subscribers menu at the top of the page, navigate to Subscribers -> Shared Data Extensions
    • Using the folder structure on the left, navigate to the needed list and select it
    • The system will give the user a Record Count and the user can then Select the list and from within it choose the Records tab to see the first 200 records in the list to validate the names
    • See related article: Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Previewing Subscriber List
    • NOTE:  Lists that contain the word 'ALL' include both Durham and Manchester campuses unless otherwise noted.
  • On the last page of sending an email: Review and Send the system will provide the number of targeted recipients in the list. Following the messaging in the first bullet the user can verify the correct number of recipients. see related article: Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Sending an Email
    • NOTE:  The Date Modified related to the date to which the code behind the scenes to pull data to populate the lists was last modified and not the date the list was updated.  The lists are refreshed on a nightly basis.

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