Teaching Evaluation Software-Blue- Understanding the Instructor Course Report


This is intended for the instructor. This article highlights what is shown on the report that is generated from a course evaluation.


Teaching Evaluation Software-Blue- Understanding the Instructor Course Report

At completion of a course when all course evaluations have been completed a report is generated that highlights some key elements of the evaluation. This report is generated within a couple of weeks after grades are posted. There are different viewing options. The full version is documented below.

The Report

Information at the top of report includes course number, course name and CRN. The percentage of respondents represents how many people were invited to evaluate the course and the response ratio.

TEV Report info

NOTE: In the event that there is more than one instructor being evaluated for a course the response rate will show the same for all the instructors. 

All the questions are listed on the form and divided into particular categories. These questions include standard evaluation questions depending on type of course as well as questions that may have been added on a department specific basis. The report includes the question, the mean, the response count, the standard deviation. At the bottom of the table is the mean of question means.

 evaluation questions


If additional comments were added by students they will show up under the comments section and will also be categorized appropriately.

NOTE: In the event that no additional comments were provided then this section will not appear.

 TEV additional comments

The final portion of the report gives a breakdown on student information.

 TEV student information



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