Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Folder Management

By default when users create content and emails within Salesforce Marketing Cloud all items are saved to a Local folder that can be accessed from the Content area within the Email Studio.  Some teams contribute much content in a short period of time which can lead to troubles trying to find what is needed.  To help alleviate this issue Users can create folders  within the local structure to help organize emails and content.   NOTE:  Users should always pull templates from the Shared Folder to ensure they are using the most current version.

1.  Navigate to Email Studio -> Email -> Content

2.  Ensure the left side of the screen is focused on "Local"

3.  Right Click on the parent folder "Content Builder" and select Create Folder

4.  Type the name of the folder and click OK

a.  Users can create as many folders as needed to help organize content

5.  The newly created folder will now be present in the folder structure on the left.

6.  To Move content into respective folders, the user can check off the content to be moved.  Once checked use the "Actions" icon in the upper right of the screen and select Move.  The system will then present a dialog asking which folder the user would like to select to move the chosen content.

7.  All content for the respective Business Unit can be viewed by selecting the Root Folder at the top of the left-side pane.  

 Need additional help?

Please fill out the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Webform with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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