Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Attaching Documents to an Email




Attachments are added to an email from within a text block in an email. See related article: Salesforce Marketing: Creating a new Email from a Template

1. Once logged into SFMC, create an email or open content that can be edited (not approved). Email Studio -> Email -> Content

2. From within the Content page add a text block to the email, if one currently exists in content click in the Text box to get the Edit Block dialog on the left side of the page

3. Position your cursor where needed and click the "Link" icon in the WYSIWYG controls

4. Within the Link Properties dialog box use the "Link to" drop-down menu and select Document

5. Select Browse in the Upload or Select Existing Content

6. If the document has not been added to SFMC yet, Click Create in the upper right

7. Click Upload

8. Browse out to the file location where the document is stored and choose Open

9. The Document will now be present in SFMC to choose

10. Using the check box, select the required Document

11. Click Select in the lower right

a. The system will allow the user to Replace or Delete the document if needed

12. Now that the document is selected click OK to the Link Properties Dialog

13. The document is actually stored in the Cloud and not physically attached to the email communication.  Once the user clicks on the attachment link the document will download and be viewable in the browser window.  When users receive the email they will need to click on the link to view the document. 

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