Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Content Layout


This article will discuss how to select a layout to use with content. Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) allows users to configure email layouts to contain multiple sections, if needed. This allows users to best structure their content and message.

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1. Navigate to Email Studio -> Email -> Content

2. Select a pre-loaded UNH or Department branded template

a. If creating a new email see related article: Salesforce Marketing: Creating a new Email from a Template

3. On the content page Select the Layouts Tab on the left-hand side

a. There are several layouts to choose from, each section would allow for different types of content such as images or text.

4. Once the user has chosen a layout, they can drag and drop the layout structure to the body of the email template

5. Select the Blocks Tab on the left

6. The user can now drag and drop Blocks of content to each section


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