Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Tracking and Analytics of Sent Emails

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Emails contained in the Tracking area of the system are specific to the User’s permissions to see business units.

1.  Navigate to the Email Studio -> Email -> Tracking -> Sends

2.  Users can also access Tracking -> Sends from the top of the Overview or Content pages within the Email area

3.  From this page the user can see the name of the email, the date and time sent, the status, how many emails were sent in this communication, percentage of Unique Click Through Rate (were any links clicked on within the email), the percentage of emails opened by recipients, and the percentage of emails delivered to recipients.

4.  Select an email from the list

5.  Summary:  allows users to see basic information regarding this communication with total emails sent

6.  Send Performance:  shows users the delivery rate for the email.  Where there any emails bounced (not delivered for any reason)

7.  Open Performance:  reports the total emails delivered, Total Opens and Unique Opens.

a.  Total Opens = 10 emails delivered, all 10 were opened, one recipient open the email 4 times - Total Opens = 14

b. Unique Opens = emails that were opened by unique recipients regardless of the number of times a recipient opened the email

NOTE:  emails that are read using a preview pane within an email client such as Outlook will not register as "opened"

8.  Inbox Activity:  lets the user know the Total and Unique email opens, were links embedded in the email clicked on, did any recipients forward the email, was a survey taken if included in the communication, did any recipients choose to unsubscribe if given the option

9.  Unengaged Subscribers:  Total emails delivered, how many recipients did not click on an embedded link of those emails, how many of the emails were not opened by recipients. 

10.  Forward to a Friend Activity:  How many recipients clicked on a link to forward the email, were any emails forward to others, if given the option were there any new subscribers to the communication?

Any values that are underlined allow the user to click on the value to get further information. 

11.  If the user wants to see recipients that did not open the communication within the Unengaged Subscribers area (9) the user can click on the 6 and see the names of those that did not open the email.

12.  Users that want to see what links were used in emails (if applicable) they can click on the Click Activity Tab and see what link(s) (if multiple) where utilized


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