Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Uploading New Images for Content

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1. Add an Image Block to the email from the content page - See the following article: Salesforce Marketing: Creating a new Email from a Template

2. Click into the Image Block

3. Use the Add an Image dialog to access the Image Upload by clicking Browse on the left-hand pane

4. This will bring up the Content Builder Page that will list all the images that have been uploaded to the system that the user has access to

5. To add a new image, click on Create in the upper right

6. Choose Upload

7. Browse out to the location where the image is stored and select and open the file, Click Upload and Publish, this will add the image to the SFMC database. The user will now have the ability to use the image in their email content.

For best results see knowledge base article: SFMC - Image Size

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