Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Personalization of Email Content

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Personalization of email content happens from the Content Page within the Email area of SFMC. Users can use specific controls that will merge in external information such as names as stated above.

1. Add a Text Block to the email - See the following article for additional information: Salesforce Marketing: Creating a new Email from a Template

2. Use the WYSIWYG editor you can add in personalization fields using the 'head' icon.

a. If you are unable to see the 'head' icon select the collapse arrow

3. Select from the menu First Name, Last name or both. Ensure you add a space between the fields

4. The System will add percent signs (%%) before and after the fields, this is by design and should not be removed

5. Test your email content to make sure the personalization populates once a Data Extension is selected.

a. See related article: Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Testing Email Content

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