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The calendar can be used to view information on past or future sends.  The SFMC Calendar defaults to items in the user's business unit.   Any days with events from an additional business unit displays a small blue indicator in the upper-right corner of that day on the Calendar.   Hover the mouse cursor over these events to view additional information. Any changes you make in the filters on the left persist through additional logins. You must actively clear these filters to change the Calendar view.

  1. Log onto the SFMC
  2. When the user logs in they will be able to see a single week of the calendar based on the current date.   The user can use the arrows to the right to access the entire month. 

  1. The user can then choose to navigate to see the entire month by clicking the Calendar menu at the top of the screen. 
  2. The user can select criteria on the left pane of the screen in order to help filter the items on the calendar in order to make it easier to find what is needed. 

  1. Once in the full month mode, the user will be able to see any and all emails that have been sent or scheduled to be sent, on the respective date to which they are scheduled. If the user moves their cursor over one of the items on the calendar they will be able to get additional information.  The user can then choose to edit or remove the item using the dialog.

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