Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Approving Email Content

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The Creator is an Approver:

  1. The creator can submit the communication for approval.
  2. Once the communication is in "Pending Approval" status, the creator can approval their content right from the Content page as seen below:

Content needs to be Approved by Others:

1.   Approver receives email notification of a pending approval.

  1. See approver list here:   Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Approval Teams

2.  The User (Approver) can:

a.  Click on the link in the email and login directly to the pending approval page

b.  Login and navigate to: Content Builder > Approvals to access all pending and complete approvals

3.  The Approvals dashboard will provide a "Status" Column where the user can quickly see what emails are Pending Approval

 4.  Review the email content:

a.  Approve: This puts the communication in a status where a user can then send the communication.  The user that submitted for approval will receive and email letting them know their content has been approved.

b.  Decline:  This sends the content back to the person that submitted the content for approval and allows the 'approver' to provide feedback.  The submitter will need to resubmit the content once changes have been made.

c.  Withdraw:   The person that submitted the content can 'withdraw' the content from the approval process and make edits before the approver has looked at the communication.  The user will need to submit the content again once complete with the edits.

d.  Edit:  The Approver has the ability to make edits to the content if they prefer opposed making notes and sending it back to the submitter.  Sometimes if the edits are simple the approver will simply make the needed edits and approve the content.

5.  To approve the email content for sending click on Actions and select ‘Approve

6.  All approvers on the approval team and the original submitter will receive email notification that the email content has been approved and is ready for sending

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