Box Drive - Uninstall, Reinstall, Auto-update




  • Exit Box Drive from task bar - lower right near time
  • Search for Control Panel > Program Features > Add Remove Programs
  • Select Box > Uninstall


  • Quit Box Drive - upper menu bar near WiFi
  • Run uninstaller script:
    • Launch Terminal from Search
    • Type in this text, then press enter
                          /Library/Application Support/Box/uninstall_box_drive

Box Drive- Available to UNH Box users


Before Installing Box Drive- REMOVE Box Sync completely:

  • Box does not recommend using Box Drive in conjunction with Box Sync.
    • Box Sync functions will eventually be made available with Box Drive
    • Offline work will require Box Sync. If you install both, Box will not be able to provide support.
      • Recommend using Box Sync until sync features are added to Box Drive.
      • To uninstall Box Sync -- follow these instructions here .

Install Instructions-

From Box Web:

  • Log into Box using Chrome or Firefox at
  • Go to your profile initials or picture in the upper right corner
  • Open Apps from the drop down menu
  • At the top of the page type "Box Drive" into the Search Bar

Search Applications in Box

  • Click BOX DRIVE i con
  • Under description, locate:
    • Download for Windows use Here link
      • Open the embedded link hidden in the word Here.
    • Download for Mac, click the Here link
      • Open the embedded link hidden in the word Here.
      • Open the application installer and follow install instructions.

Box Drive installers - Go to Search enter Box Drive, click Box Drive icon then select the version of Box Drive you wish to install. Do not click Add you need to click the application

  • Installer location is dependent on Browser
  • Chrome -- lower left corner the app will be available to install after it has downloaded
  • Firefox -- upper right near address bar in the Downloads folder.
  • Reboot
  • At the Login window -- select Single Sign On under user name and password
  • Enter UNH email address
  • At the UNH Branded Screen- enter your user name, then password

**Box Drive may also be installed via Software Center for managed devices

Box Drive will now auto load at start up. You can install Box Drive on your home computer. VPN is not required.

  • Check out the Tutorial pop up
  • Box Drive will create a desktop shortcut
  • Search can be found in the lower right task for Windows or Finder/Menu bar for Mac


We highly encourage all users to update for the best experience of the product. This insures the application has the latest changes.

Updates to New Box Drive Versions:

Box Drive will no longer prompt users to update with popups:

Box Drive location Windows 10 Task bar under upward arrow lower right corner Box Drive Location Windows 10 Task bar lower right corner near time

  • Chat Box may appear letting you know there is an update to Box Drive
  • If you left click Box Drive select Update

Left click Box Drive click update, screenshot is Windows 10

  • Right click will also bring up another menu, scroll to Update

Right click Box Drive to scroll to Update

  • Box Drive will prompt with a popup that Box Drive needs to exit
    • Click Update Box Drive

Box Drive needs to exit to update, exit any open files then click Update

  • The application will auto exit and install the latest version
  • This can take several minutes
  • If after a few minutes Box Drive has not reappeared in your Task or Finder Bar go to search enter Box and click the Box icon to re-engage the application

Screenshot of search menu, Windows 10, type Box then click Box Icon to re-engage application


Older Box Drive Versions:

When you receive the following auto-update prompt:

  • Do not click the Box Update Pop up yet
  • Save and Quit all documents saved to Box
  • Quit Box Drive by clicking on the Box Drive icon
    • Windows - system tray lower right corner near clock, click the up carrot to see all task icons
    • Mac - menu bar top of the screen, locate the lower case letter "b", after opening box drive select the gear icon, then choose exit.
  • Find the Box update available popup and click the Update icon
  • Box Drive will silently update in the back ground. Wait for the product to install.
  • You may need to restart Box Drive, go to your search bars in either Windows or Mac type in Box, then select the Box icon. Box Drive should restart

  • If you did not quit Box Drive before clicking Update, you will see the following prompt. Quit Box Drive and then click "Proceed" to continue the update.

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