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This article describes how to search and claim publications in myElements.

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myElements has the ability to automatically harvest and in some case claim publications. This is based on where the articles are published and indexed. In the event that myElements is unable to harvest your publications there are other ways to input these items. See related articles Import of citation file and manual entry of publications

myElements will proactively send email notifications to users regarding publications that have been found based on the profile information.  Users can then log into the application and Accept or Reject the publications found.

Initial Claim and/or Reject

  1. Click Menu tab

  2. Under Manage click Publications

  3. Click Claim as mine or Reject

Once a publication has been rejected it remains in the 'not mine' area. If you accidentally claim or reject a publication you can reverse that by clicking on the appropriate tab ( Mine or Not Mine), choose the publication and either click claim or reject appropriately. Instructions to use this page can be found in the blue area. You can filter results for these lists by refining the filter settings. This will narrow down what you see in the lists but will not reject or claim anything automatically. To refine the search criteria see Modify Search Criteria directions below.


Modify Search Criteria

If you have a difficult time finding publications due to common name or missing search criteria you can modify the search by clicking on modify your name-based search settings in the blue area

or click on the Menu tab at the top left side of the web page and click on Name-based search under My Account

image of menu tab

Your search settings are populated with your name but you can improve these settings by adding name variants or address terms

TIP: Try your name variant without the punctuation. ex. smith t r

TIP: Use the smallest meaningful word or term in an address. ex. "Brown" and not "Brown University"

TIP: Additional search terms are restrictive. If you add a keyword or journal name myElements will only search for those. This is helpful when you are trying to find something very specific.

TIP: Try adding databases at the bottom of the list. Click the search by name boxes. Save and then rerun your search.

Remember to save your search criteria (bottom of page) and run your searches again (top of page). When you are successful at running a search the run my searches will flash.

NOTE: It stays on the page and the last searched date will update. Depending on your network connection and the databases searched it may take some time to harvest the publications. Let the search run completely before changing search criteria again.


Resetting pending publication list

If you have a lot of pending publications that are not yours it is recommended that you clear the list before you refine the search. This can also be done periodically while refining search criteria until you get your desired results.

In the blue area at the top of pending list click on and then clear and recalculate the pending list.


Need additional help?

Please fill out the myElements webform with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional training, see the Teaching and Learning Technologies training calendar


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